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"The OWL is like a hiking Dashcam, a video doorbell for your tent, and a safety alarm all rolled into one." - Jake from the Mountain Project

"As a sexual assault survivor, I am extremely conscientious of my safety in isolated backcountry environments. I am really interested in a safety device like the OWL." - Anonymous from the Mountain Project

It is important to be prepared when you step into the wild, and it's smart to anticipate the four-legged and two-legged animals.

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The OWL Gives You 
That Extra 
Peace Of Mind

Rest easy in the backcountry with campsite motion monitoring and alarm safety. The OWL rests on top of your tent and motion notifications are sent discreetly to your smartphone while you are  in your tent.


Use your smartphone to view a real-time live feed outside of your tent. Activate the spotlight feature or trigger the high decibel alarm to repel unwanted guests, all from within your tent. 


Your tent slides effortlessly in between the patent pending magnetic mount and leaves your tent material undamaged.


The OWL perches on top of your tent like an antennae and also acts as a visual deterrent for unwanted two-legged guests.

When folded, the OWL affixes to your backpack strap while on the trail. It wraps around your arm if you are jogging or walking without a backpack.

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Self-Defense +

Squeeze the sides to trigger the high-decibel alarm while on trail.

Click the bottom to start discreetly recording an encounter onto a microSD card.

Give hiking weirdos, whether at the trailhead, in a populated campsite, on a heavily trafficked trail, or far from home, that extra incentive to leave you alone.

Repel Unwanted Encounters

140+ decibel alarm is as loud as a bear horn, without the bulkiness of a bear horn canister.

Repel not just the big animals, but the smaller ones, which steal your food and chew through your expensive gear.

4+ day battery life and USB Rechargeable.

Comes equipped with the innovative magnetic mount and regular camera mount.

Great for hunters who experience the highest percentage of dangerous animal attacks. Put it on top of your tent at night, clip it to the bottom of your food hang, place it on top of your meat cooler, or attach it to the top of your truck bed cover to avoid vehicle damage. Use your OWL in conjunction with Bear Spray > activate the alarm to give the bear pause and allow you more precious seconds to aim your bear spray correctly.

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We Are Passionate About Designing The Best Possible Concept 

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The OWL Provides You with the Peace of Mind to Know Exactly What's Outside of Your Tent and the Capability to Repel.

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A modern-day camp perimeter safety device. Customizable on/off automated alarms ensure that there are no false alarms, even in crowded campsites. Alarm and light features. Durable and waterproof for the harshest environments.

When you go out.

Out Smart.

The OWL Team needs to know if you need a product like this in your life. Depending on the amount of interest, the project may or may not move forward. Why build an outdoor product, which does not improve someone's life?


Please click the orange links and sign up for more information if this is a product that you want and have interest


When you go out, always grab your first aid kit, your rain jacket, and your OWL!  

Thank you for your interest in helping us make the outdoors a safer space for all to enjoy!

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